Park Lane Opticians Macclesfield

Eye Tests & Fees

An eye test involves a thorough and accurate assessment of your prescription and a check of eye health both internal and externally by our Optometrist.  Glasses or contact lenses may be recommended, but many people simply come for a reassuring annual eye check.

You will be given  time to express any concerns that you have and discuss  the findings.

We  offer a range of enhanced tests such as ocular surface & dry eye assessment with our IP Optometrist and detailed investigations of accommodation and convergence, can measure your fusional reserves, fixation disparity and eye dominance. Irlen testing is also available privately for adults, these tests are worth considering if you experience reading difficulties, visual stress, migraines or photophobia.

Whether you play golf, sing in a choir, sit in front of a screen all day or are a keen sportsperson your eyecare and eyewear needs will differ. We will offer you advice on the best products to precisely suit your needs. We are experienced in examining all age groups & those with communication & learning disability. At Park Lane Opticians our staff are fully trained to provide a smooth appointment and knowledgeable follow on from your eye test. Our prescriptions are guaranteed when dispensed by our practice.

 Professional Fees:

  • Private eye test  – £40
  • Dry eye  assessment – £50
  • Retinal imaging – £15
  • Retinal and anterior imaging -£20 
  • *NEW* BlephEx blepharitis treatment lid exfoliation – £60
  • IP consultation eg eye emergency, anterior eye disease -£60
  • Lacrimal duct syringing for watery eyes – £50
  • Punctum plugs for dry eyes – £220
  • Treatment of Demodex Blepharitis (up to 5 appts) – £220

We also provide:

  • NHS cataract referral and follow up schemes.
  • NHS glaucoma referral refinement, Humphrey Threshold Visual fields and Goldmann tonometry.
  •  Private refractions, tests and topography for Consultant Ophthalmologists.

An NHS eye test is free for children up to 16, or under 19 for those in full time education. The NHS pays optical practices only £20 for  an eye test and we recommend you consider paying for an enhanced assessment if your child’s reading development is causing concern. See our Childrens page for more information.