Park Lane Opticians Macclesfield

NHS Home Eye Tests

Michelle Weir or Sarah Clarke, our Park Lane Optometrists can carry out your eye examination in your home. A home eye test is free if you are over 60 and are unable to get to come into our practice without someone’s help. We welcome the presence of a relative or carer when we visit.

It is useful to have your current glasses, an old spectacle prescription and details of any medication you’re currently taking. It is also helpful if the room can be darkened and there is a small table or trolley to hand.

Just as in our practice your eye examination includes an assessment of the external and internal eye, a range of tests to determine your prescription as well as measurement of eye pressure and visual fields where appropriate.

Pupil dilation with eye drops is sometimes needed to get a better retinal view or a photograph and this may be recommended if you suffer from macular degeneration or are at risk of eye disease.

Park Lane Opticians tailor the home eye test and aftercare service to every individual. There are many elderly patients with dementia, or who are victims of stroke, who are unable to participate in subjective testing and we have to rely more on our objective tests. It is important to have eye health checked which is why the NHS recommends an annual eye test over the age of 70. Good vision helps to lessen the feeling of isolation and reduce the risk of falls and depression.

We provide an excellent and prompt eyecare service to residents in local care homes and make it easy for staff to coordinate this vital service. Glasses are delivered and fitted within 3 weeks of our first visit and often this is sooner.

Our area covers East Cheshire including Adlington, Alderley Edge, Bollington, Chelford, Congleton, Handforth, Macclesfield, Poynton, Prestbury and Wilmslow.