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Glasses For Children

Glasses should look great & fit perfectly. This is especially important for children to want to wear their glasses!

Sarah, our Optometrist, will make your childs eye test fun and interesting, we have lots of special tests just for kids and we will ensure they are seeing well, their eyes are healthy, their eye muscles are working properly and that their colour and 3D vision is normal for their age, in essence that their visual development is progressing normally.

It is essential that during the  early years of childhood any eye problems are detected and all children should regularly visit the optician. Difficulties with reading are common when the eyes struggle to keep vision stable and clear. Dyslexia is not an eye condition but individuals may also have unstable binocular vision or focusing difficulties. We provide enhanced tests for both children and adults with dyslexia or binocular vision difficulties.

Every child should have regular eye tests, stable, clear & comfortable vision is essential for your child to reach their academic potential.

Children can have an NHS eye test and NHS vouchers towards spectacles or contact lenses if required. We strongly recommend you consider an enhanced vision assessment  if there are concerns over your child’s reading progress. We are highly experienced at dispensing childrens glasses and have a large range of childrens frames to choose from. We can dispense prescription sunglasses and contact lenses for children where appropriate. Childrens glasses are dispensed, checked and fitted either by our Optometrist or Dispensing Optician.

Enhanced vision assessments & orthoptic vision therapy for children

Some children are predisposed to poor of eye muscle coordination and control. The enhanced vision assessment  investigates the strength, coordination and accuracy of accommodation and convergence, muscle balance, fusional reserves (challenging and measuring the eye muscles reserve strength) visual stress and eye dominance. 

Please allow 1  hour for an enhanced assessment  and an NHS test to be done at the same time.

Orthoptic Vision Therapy Treatment

If your child has poor eye muscle control, we may recommend HTS (Home Vision Therapy) treatment, a combination of computer based eye exercises with progress checks. Orthoptic exercises are effective in treating and often curing convergence and accommodative problems which are both relatively common. This can sometimes reduce or eliminate the need for glasses in children. Your child would have to visit Sarah, our Optometrist, for monthly progress checks. Similar techniques can also be effective in treating binocular instability  in adults. 

Enhanced Assessment inc retinal imaging, overlay and report            £90


 The HTS program takes a maximum of 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week  we can also monitor your child’s progress online.

Coloured Overlays and ReadEz tints

Irlen syndrome is often associated with dyslexia.

The symptoms of Irlen syndrome are very similar to eye muscle underaction. Many studies have shown that children have less need for tints and overlays following  vision therapy, an enhanced vision assessment should therefore always be done on children who may have Irlen syndrome.

Irlen syndrome affects reading because words, letters and spaces may appear to move on the page. We have specially designed tests for Irlen and can give your child a coloured overlay for a trial period. Tints work much better in glasses than in overlays and we use an affordable tint system called ReadEz, developed at City University London.

Childrens Glasses

We stock a large range of childrens frames to give a choice of glasses whatever your child’s face shape and we guarantee a great fit. Basic CR39 lenses are covered by the NHS voucher, for children we may recommend Trivex lenses which are strong, lightweight and fully UV protective. The NHS does not fund ReadEz tints.